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This represent view of electrolysis permanenet hair removal.


 All Electrolysis services are performed by Pennsylvania State Licensed Estheticians extensively trained in both Thermolysis and Blend technologies. Not Sure if Electrolysis is right for you, book a consultation.

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Electrolysis 15 Minutes


Electrolysis 60 Minutes


Electrolysis 30 Minutes


Electrolysis 90 minutes


Electrolysis 45 Minutes


Electrolysis 120 Minutes


Unleash the Power of Silky-smooth Skin

In a world that celebrates beauty in all its forms, the confidence that comes from radiant, hair-free skin is unmatched. Transcend Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal allow you to experience this transformation, ensuring you look impeccable and feel yourself.


The Science Behind Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis, an FDA-approved method, promises a life free from the chains of unwanted hair. Through controlled electric currents that obliterate hair growth centers, you can anticipate permanent results, ensuring your skin remains eternally smooth and radiant.


Why is Electrolysis the Talk of the Town?

  1. Universal Appeal: No matter your skin tone or hair type, electrolysis welcomes everyone.

  2. Spotless Results: Say goodbye to scars and dark spots. With electrolysis, all you’re left with is flawless skin.

Discover Isabella and Kathy- Your Journey Guide

Your transformation journey deserves the best guides; enter Isabella and Kathy, our State licensed Cosmetologists and Esthesians who don't just offer a service; they provide an experience! Their expertise and dedication ensure that you will always leave our doors more confident than when you entered.


Why is Everyone Raving About Zapster?

  • Mastery: skills honed with the latest techniques that guarantee optimal results.

  • Bespoke Approach: understands the uniqueness of every client, ensuring each treatment is tailor-made.

  • Safety and Comfort: you’ll always feel safely cared for and welcomed.


Testimonial: I just recently had my first 45 minutes appointment with Isabella, and I found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in electrology. I would highly recommend her for the services she offers.

EARL M. ★★★★★


Why Zapster is the Only Choice

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We’re always ahead, utilizing cutting-edge technology for superior results.

  • Personalized Plans: Our treatments aren’t just about hair removal ,they are about YOU.

  • Sterile and Safe: Your safety is our priority. Our pristine environment ensures peace of mind with every visit.

  • Affordable Luxury: World-class treatments shouldn’t make your wallet cry. Experience luxury at friendly prices.

  • We are highly trained in the use of both modern methods of electrolysis: Thermolysis/Flash/Shortwave and Blend/Galvanic.

Your Journey to Silky Skin Starts Here

At Zapster Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal, every session is more than just a treatment; it celebrates your beauty and confidence. Let Isabella and Kathy guide you on this transformative journey to achieve a confident and empowered version of yourself. Say so long to unwanted hair and hello to a new level of self-assurance.

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