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Yag laser hair removal device.

Laser Hair Removal

 All Laser services are performed by technicians that are Pennsylvania licensed Estheticians trained in use use of medical lasers.
We have both Alexandrite ( 755nm) and Nd:Yag Lasers (1064nm) for all skin types.
Not Sure about if Laser is right for you, book a consultation today.


Experience The Magic of Laser Precision

Achieving a flawless, hair-free body has never been more desired in an era that celebrates individual beauty and confidence. Transcend Laser Hair Removal promises you the allure of radiant skin and the confidence that accompanies it.


Delving into Laser Hair Removal

We are harnessing the power! Laser hair removal focuses on pigment ( not for Blonde, Gray, or Red ) in the hair follicles, destroying and damaging them to reduce hair growth. With repeated treatments, your skin achieves a smoothness beyond compare. 


Why Laser Hair Removal?

  1. Long-Lasting Results: Say goodbye to shaving and painful waxing. Laser hair removal treatments offers permeant results. 

  2. Speed: Laser pulse takes a fraction of a second as it treats many hair strands at the same time. Laser is great at treating large areas.

The YAG Laser: Embracing Diversity

At Transcend, we believe in inclusivity! 

This is why we've introduced the YAG Laser, designed with the thought of people of color. The YAG Laser has a longer wavelength, making it perfect for treating all skin types, especially darker tones, without causing hyperpigmentation or burns.


Meet Isabella - Our Laser Specialist: 

Enter a world where expertise meets passion. Isabella, our esteemed laser technician, ensures that your journey toward smooth skin is nothing short of perfection. She's with you at every step, from consultation to aftercare, ensuring each session is effective, safe, and comfortable.


Why Clients Love Isabella:

  • Proficient Touch: Isabella's adeptness with both standard and YAG lasers ensures optimal results for every skin type.

  • Personalized Care: She believes in tailor-made treatments, adjusting according to individual skin and hair types.

  • Comfort Above All: Isabella's gentle approach and the serene ambiance of our clinic make every session a relaxed experience.


Testimonial: "Opting for the YAG laser treatment was the best decision I ever made! Isabella ensured the procedure was safe and effective. My skin has never felt better." – Aria M.


Why Zapster Stands Apart

  • Advanced Technology: Our clinic boasts the latest in laser hair removal tech, ensuring precision and efficiency.

  • Customized Sessions: We understand the individuality of our clients, and our treatments reflect that.

  • Pristine Environment: Hygiene and safety are paramount, offering you peace of mind with every session.

  • Value for Money: Premium quality treatments without the premium price tag.


Embark on Your Journey to Perfection

With Isabella's guiding hand, Zapster Laser Hair Removal promises you a transformative experience. From the first beam of the laser to the last, watch your skin evolve to its smoothest, most radiant self.

Anchor L Booking

*Laser* Mini Session


One Large Area = Two Small Areas

(see box below)

*Laser* Full Legs


*Laser* Single Session


Two Large Areas = One Extra Large area

( see box below)

*Laser* Double Session


Two Extra Large Areas

(see box below)

  1. Brows

  2. Chin

  3. Ears

  4. Feet

  5. Hands

  6. Upper Lip

  7. Areolas/Nipples

  8. Sideburns

*Laser* Full Body


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